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Our Organization

Crosses on World MapThe Web-Empowered Church is a ministry of Christian Technology Ministries International (CTMI). CTMI is a non-profit organization registered in the United States. CTMI exists to assist Christian churches, organizations and individuals in the use of technology to more effectively spread the gospel of Jesus Christ around the world. Our mission is guided by the need to provide advanced technological resources to churches, organizations and individuals who are often lacking in the knowledge and skill to properly use technology to further their ministries.

CTMI was initially created due to the growth and long-term potential of the Web-Empowered Church project, which was originally funded by The Foundation for Evangelism. CTMI provides WEC with a organizational structure to continue to expand the God-given dream to help the Christian world apply technology more effectively to expand its impact in the world.

CTMI is governed by a Board of Directors. John Ward (John(at)CTMIinc.org) is the current President. John is an experienced engineer, business leader, and internet consultant. The Secretary of CTMI is Mark Stephenson (Mark(at)WebEmpoweredChurch.org). Mark is an experienced engineer and technology innovator. Financial management for CTMI is conducted by the Finance Office of Ginghamsburg Church in Tipp City, Ohio.

Ministry Technology Projects

The primary ministry project for CTMI is currently the Web-Empowered Church. However, CTMI is working on and seeking several other opportunities to partner with Christian ministries to develop and extend the use of technology to enhance Christian ministry. If you are in need of a quality team of passionate Christian technology professionals to support your Christian ministry then please contact John Ward or Mark Stephenson.