Web-Empower Your Church: Unleashing the Power of the Internet for Ministry

Author: Mark M. Stephenson, Director of the Web-Empowered Church
Abingdon Press
 The book is available online and in Christian bookstores. The regular price is $22.
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 soft cover and downloadable electronic; book includes a CD ROM (for PC Windows) containing documentation and training, and the WEC-TYPO3 software (CD ROM contents is also available online)
Harness the power of the internet for Jesus. The internet is opening up new possibilities for all aspects of church ministry, from daily administrative tasks to worldwide evangelism and discipleship.

This book is about web-empowering your church ministries. Learn the practical steps, techniques, and ideas needed to develop an excellent and effective web ministry that increases your efficiency and effectiveness - your God difference.

Mark Stephenson, Director of CyberMinistry and Technology at Ginghamsburg Church, shares his experiences with starting and now leading a large and active church web ministry. Ginghamsburg's website is now over 4000 pages in size, and averages over one new visit every half minute, 24/7.

Whether your church has a website or not, this book will help you grow your internet ministry and take the next step to fully web-empower your church ministries. This book is highly recommended for all users of the Web-Empowered Church software. This book is the best way to get started.

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Free Bus Ministry 


Chapter 1 

My Church Saw No Need for the Internet

How we struggled to start an internet ministry that the Wall Street Journal eventually featured
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Chapter 2 

I Almost Killed Our Newborn CyberMinistry

The hard lessons I learned about building an effective CyberTeam
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Chapter 3 

They Don't Care About Fancy Graphics and Technology

It's not the HTML code, but what is between the HTML tags that matters
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Chapter 4 

We Were Surprised by Who We Reached

Understanding the different people of the web
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Chapter 5 

Our First Design Missed the Point

Embedding the church's DNA into the website look and feel
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Chapter 6 

We Were Lost in a Big Bowl of Alphabet Soup

Sorting out and understanding the internet ministry technology toolbox
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Chapter 7 

We Tripped While Trying to Make the Website Dance

Using multi-media power tool
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Chapter 8 

We Found Lots of Unexpected Challenges Along the Way

Tips on creating and maintaining your website
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Chapter 9 

We Learned that Connecting People Makes Ministry Happen

Creating healthy online communities
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Chapter 10 

Innovative Ideas That May Work for Your Church

Various examples of applying internet technology to web-empower church ministries
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Chapter 11 

Where are We Going Next?

Visions of internet ministry and the Web-Empowered Church
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